Braver Angels is a National Grassroots organization working to depolarize America. The division in our political system is not working for the country or any of us.
Braver Angels’ approach has been likened to the “Four-Way Test in Action.”  The skills training available through Braver Angels can help us create goodwill and better friendships across the political divide which will be beneficial to all concerned.
Learn how you and your club can MAKE PEACE VISIBLE through the workshops and training Braver Angels can provide to your community
                                                                                                             ED MAREK & BRUCE MORLAN 
Ed Marek represented both Bruce Morlan and himself as he told the story of Braver Angels and the collective efforts to combat our polarized society.
Ed opened with a quote from Abraham Lincoln: “I don’t like that man…I need to get to know him better.”  This is the foundation of all of the efforts within Braver Angels where there is much less face to face communication and attitudinal and geographic distances present challenges. If people could actually meet and discuss things, they would discover they have far more in common. 
Rotary’s 4Way Test compliments the approach Braver Angels prescribes:
  • understand the other side’s point of view
  • look for common ground
  • converse without judgement.
Braver Angels offers training sessions that encourage general group discussions; moving on to one on one conversations; and ending with book and movie discussions, formal debates.  Simply providing these forums can reduce polarization; change peoples’ perceptions; help find collaborative solutions.
Braver Angels utilizes podcasts, op eds, social media, public forums to spread the word.  Influential institutions can help.  All of this goes to rebuilding the public’s faith in leadership, elections, and trust in fellow citizens.
More information and details about workshops such as Depolarizing Within and Skills for Bridging the Divide can be found on the Braver Angels website.  Rotary International is supporting these efforts through the Positive Peace Academy. 
Ed Marek
District Foundation Stewardship Team Lead
District 5960 Governor 2020-21
Rotary Club of Northfield
ROTARY - A Sweet Place to Be
Braver Network Liaison