David Holterman’s Classification talk.

David did an excellent job. He opened by saying he was honored to be able to present to the club.
As an introvert, this wasn’t an easy assignment. He doesn’t like talking about himself.
David was born in Milwaukee, WI. He was the 4th of 5 children.
He still is a BIG fan of Wisconsin professional sports teams. (Green Bay got some boos from the BEARS fans in the audience).

Being an introvert, he liked to do European style cycling, reading, and listen to “edgy” music.
David went to Marquette University for his undergraduate degree. At first, he thought he would be an
engineer like his father & grandfather. But math didn’t suit him. He preferred the humanities. He also met the
love of his life, Katja, there. He got a degree in Political Science. What can you do with a Poli Sci degree Go to law school of course!

David went to the University of  Washington in Seattle for his law degree. It was hard. He didn’t enjoy his first year (other than getting visits from Katja who was pursuing her master’s in education). He loved the diversity of students. He then found his calling: helping underprivileged people with Legal Aid.
Once he got his law degree, he moved to the Chicago area (where Katja was from). It was hard to leave
beautiful Seattle. It was also hard to find a position, with so many law schools in the Chicago area. His first job was in Rockford. Katja found a teaching job at Cary Grove.

They have 2 children: Abraham & Ella. Plus 2 non-allergy dogs. David enjoys going on family adventures. Both children are in college, so he’s now an empty nester. He still enjoys reading, “edgy” music and cycling.

David now works at Lawyers Trust Fund of IL. This non-profit provides grants to organizations that provide Civil (not criminal) legal  Some is social assistance to low-income people. There are 60-70 of these non- profits in IL (mostly in Cook County, with some in collar counties).

Even though Lawyers Trust Fund of IL provides ~$120,000 in grants per year,
it’s not enough. About 1/3 of IL residents are near or at the low-income level.

David enjoys the grant process; deciding which non-profits to support and with how much money.
David’s hopes & aspirations (which led him to join BRC) include helping people & society (He feels our civil society is in crisis). He’d like to use his ‘other’ talents (not just legal, but hands-on endeavors.). He also joined Rotary to build stronger ties in Barrington & help the community. Being involved in Global efforts is also important to him.

David’s presentation was accompanied by a Power Point showing wonderful pictures covering his life’s
journey. All greatly enjoyed his presentation. We are thrilled that David joined BRC 6 months ago.